Bentley Arnage Hire

At 5 meters in length and 1.9 meters wide, the Bentley Arnage boasts a spacious interior lending itself perfecting to the role of luxury chauffeur car. The 4 door sedan saloon is a former Bentley flagship model, however after production of the Arnage ceased in 2009, the all-new Mulsanne took over that mantle. However this doesn't in any way diminish the appeal of the Arnage as this powerful yet elegant Bentley model remains one of the most sought after chauffeur cars in the UK.

A number of different versions of the Bentley Arnage were created during production of the model between 1998 and 2009 including a range of limited edition Arnage models as well as the Diamond Series, the Series 2 and the Green Label and the Red Label versions.

The Arnage is also available for hire in a convertible, and also a Bentley Arnage Drophead Coupé model can be hired in selected parts of the UK. This is an especially rare model with only a handful of these Arnage vehicles available on the British rental market.

The 4-door saloon is powered by a 6.75 litre V8 BMW engine so it packs quite a punch for a car of its size. The imposing presence of the Bentley Arnage complemented by its classic Bentley styling and comfortable interior ensure no passenger walks away from a chauffeur driven ride in a Bentley Arnage without feeling like they've experienced something truly special.

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