Bentley Continental GT and GTC Hire

The Bentley Continental GT Coupé offers supercar performance combined with chauffeur car luxury, so you\'ll get the best of both worlds when you hire

Bentley Continental GT Hire

The Bentley Continental GT Coupé offers supercar performance combined with chauffeur car luxury, so you'll get the best of both worlds when you hire this Stylish Bentley. While the Continental GT features modern design and cutting edge technology, it remains true to its Bentley roots echoing the classic design of classic Bentleys from a bygone era.

Renowned as having the most technologically advanced engine boasting a compact 12 cylinder 6.0 litre engine producing 550bhp and an impressive 0-60mph of 4.4 seconds and a top speed of 198mph, the Continental GT is the perfect ride for those looking for a super fast and super stylish Bentley.

The Bentley Continental is just as much fun to be chauffeured in as it is to drive. With a quiet and refined cabin, sumptuous leather interior and cutting edge front seat ventilation systems combined with a state of the art massage system, the Continental rivals the very best in terms of comfort and relaxation.

The dashboard on the Bentley Continetal GT is a work of art in itself with the latest touch-screen technology, chrome chiselled dials and a subtle orange light which illuminates the front control panel at night. are delighted to offer both the convertible and hardtop version of the Bentley Continental GT coupé for hire for a whole host of occasions taking place throughout the UK. For more information on the Bentley Continental GT models available for hire in your area, get in touch with us today.

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